Available in Orange, Green, or Camo!
The solar panel clips securely to the Solar BagThe solar panel has a handy pocket for storing the cables.With the Voltage Controller, you never need to worry that your device is getting an improper charge.

Solar Bag


Seasonal Blowout! Buy 2 or more and save over 60% – Only $25.99 each!

Don’t be caught outdoors without power again! Get the Solar Bag and charge your mobile devices from any location!

This amazing Solar Bag taps the power of the sun to keep you charged no matter where you are! It’s the size-shifting versatile tote to carry everything. Use it as a large beach bag, or fold it into a smaller tote! Plus, it’s insulated to keep your drinks cool! Unzip it fully and you’ve got a waterproof picnic mat or a handy yoga mat!

No matter how you use it it’s always the bag with power! Simply connect your phone to the voltage controller attached to the Solar panel and charge away! It’s perfect for golf outings, boating, or a day at the beach. Don’t be stuck without power again!

  • Beach/Picnic/Yoga Mat/Stadium Cushion
  • Insulated to keep drinks and snacks cool
  • Waterproof/sandproof
  • Detachable components (strap and solar panel)
  • Charge your cellphone/mp3 player/speaker/camera outdoors
  • Travel/internationally charging your cell phone any where in the world under the sun without worrying about change in electrical current. Simply use your USB!
  • pvc free non-toxic



Bulk orders and custom logos welcome. Pricing available upon request.
Seasonal Blowout! Buy 2 or more and save over 60% - Only $25.99 each!